Silver ion technology

Ecological Textile Care

NANOSOFT confers hygiene and freshness to all textiles, even at low temperatures. The laundry room and washing-machine stay clean, saving money and energy.

How efficient is NANOSOFT?

NANOSOFT is the most intelligent and innovative way for your textiles to enter new, fresh dimensions. NANOSOFT protects your textiles from unpleasant body odours and prolongs its lifespan. 

Is NANOSOFT good for the enviroment?

The use of NANOSOFT shows no negative effect on the environment. Quantities of silver returned by NANOSOFT to nature (PPB range) are proportional to the average silver content in natural soil or rocks.

Is NANOSOFT evective against COVID-19?

Even small NANOSOFT quantities are sufficient to kill viruses and bacteria in all textiles.