Kills COVID-19
Active ingredient Hypochlorous Acid is not only organic but proven to kill corona virus.
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Keep Your Kids Safe at School
The only product that will effectively decontaminate the air in the classroom.
Ultimate Derma
Formulated to moisturize your skin with its active ingredient HOCL - used in anti-aging creams.

The only Sanitizer that will effectively decontaminate the air

Medical Grade

Class A medical device certification used in hospitals and surgical theatres

Decontaminates Air

The only safe to use product that will effectively decontaminate the air

100% Organic

Decontaminates all surfaces, plants, pets and food with no CFC’s

Take a second to breathe in clean, pure oxygen, after long days, sleepless nights, strain, jetlag, as well as exercise fatigue.

100% Pure Organic Oxygen - Your Chemical Free Solution.

Ultimate Revive is a natural way to elevate your oxygen levels replacing your need for energy drinks and caffeine.

Inhaling oxygen in increased concentrations can be used to treat circulatory and respiratory problems.

Improves cerebral oxygen transmission and overall fatigue during strenuous exercise.

Concentrated oxygen enhances performance during repeated anaerobic exercise.